About Desi White Meat

We believe that eating fresh & healthy shouldn’t cost
the earth.

Desi White Meat is changing how animals and humans coexist in the food chain and how we view our place in nature.

Our farmers honour natural systems and farm in ways that increase bio-diversity and regenerate the land, having a positive impact.

Our farmers have measured a net loss of carbon as a result of the methods we employ, improving soil health and combating climate change.

We believe all farming should be like this so eating meat doesn’t cost the earth.

Nestled in Gharo- District Thatta, Sindh, this was a barren land which grew nothing before we happened upon it. We bought it in 2010 with an aim to improve the health and diet of our fellow Pakistanis. This barren land since then has been replaced with fish ponds, chicken sheds and other animals working their way through rich pastures, dining on nature’s salad bar and living as nature intended.

We believe in giving natural feed to our fish and chicken and ensure animals are raised to our strict standards which prohibit antibiotics and preservatives. Nor do we allow the industry-standard use of hormones in fish and chicken. In addition, our tilapia feed contains fish processing trimmings and feed from natural ingredients instead of wild fish caught just for feed. For our chicken and other animals we use feed from natural ingredients and make sure every chicken from our farms is healthy and fit for Human consumption.

Cannot speak highly enough of this company the quality of the products are outstanding coupled with a first class ordering and delivery service we will remain regular customers.
Ammad Jaffer

We deal with a variety of Hormone free & naturally raised Products!