• Introducing Desi White Meat

    Our approach to farming is natural and sustainable, for healthier land, livestock and customers.

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  • Tilapia Fish

    Whole tilapia, scaled and cleaned, packed individually.

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  • Desi Chicken

    Highest quality of Desi Chicken perfectly sized for a family meal.

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Our Vision

Join us in imagining a world with Zero Hunger and Zero Waste as we transform communities and aim to improve health for millions of Pakistanis.

  • Freshness

    With a sophisticated distribution system for the fish to reach consumers shortly after catching, fish are transported in special containers and safely stored on ice. Fresh fish is known by its clean, pure eyes and distinctive gloss on the surface.

  • Deliveries

    Our customers can order direct supply of fresh water fish and desi chicken to their restaurants and home, we are just a call away ! Our fish and chicken come from our own farms which are managed professionally and we make sure that the fish and chicken are given natural feed. We at Desi White Meat follow strict hygiene standards which guarantee freshness and quality of delivered goods.

  • Farm-Raised Tilapia

    Our tilapia is raised to our strict standards, which prohibit the use of antibiotics and preservatives. Nor do we allow the industry-standard use of hormones for sex reversal. In addition, our tilapia feed contains fish processing trimmings and feed from natural ingredients instead of wild fish caught just for feed.

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What others say about us

Cannot speak highly enough of this company the quality of the products are outstanding coupled with a first class ordering and delivery service we will remain regular customers.

Ammad JafferBDMJack-4-All

Very impressed with service and quality of all products received. Will happily continue to place orders for both fresh and frozen fish that we love.

Ahsan NadeemCEOGlass N Metals